Whitepaper: Google Analytics 4

Janus de Visser

Operations Director

15 April 2022

15 minutes reading time

Why, when and how to start

Google Analytics is about to change – drastically. After two decades, Universal Analytics will be end-of-life mid-2023, and Google already released its successor in Google Analytics 4. This update offers extensive new capabilities and features for its users, but also introduces a significant challenge in its migration. A challenge deserving of a fixed spot on any digital analytics roadmap for 2022.


An all-new Google Analytics, ready to take on the future

The data model used by Google Analytics is over 20 years old. Sooner or later, all legacy software reaches the end of its line, and that’s where Universal Analytics is right now. Data volumes have been rising exponentially – on the back of smartphone and tablet usage – and Google Analytics’ data model has been struggling to process these huge volumes. Google’s response? Introducing Google Analytics 4 with a fully revamped engine.

Because of this, Google Analytics 4 is far more than a cosmetic makeover, and as a result users are to approach it is as if it were a completely new tool. Because of which, it is important to start planning the transition as soon as possible. Especially considering the 2023 end-of-life date of the current version.


A practical starting point for managers and (technical) web analysts

To help you plan, design and deliver upon the transition, this whitepaper shares the opportunity and the need for organisations to start with Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. Detailing the importance and the how-to of making the transition from both a business and technology perspective:

  • What is Google Analytics 4, and why is it important for your organisation;
  • Why starting now adds the most value, both on the short term and over time;
  • Who is to enable proper company-wide adoption in what way;
  • How to implement the platform for best possible results.


About the author

As Director of data & analytics agency Cloud Nine Digital and experienced strategic consultant, Janus leads teams of technology and business specialists in management, governance and use of digital data. With the primary goal of making sure all prerequisites are in place to allow for proper data-driven decision making.

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