On Demand Webinar: Digital Data Enablement

Most organizations spent significant time, energy and money to digital data in place for proper analytics and continuous optimization. But in most cases actual use of this data is limited, with only a few specialists providing the organization with reporting, while business and IT stakeholders still make decisions on their gut over insights.

How to get your organization data-driven and focused on results

This talk dives into the key reasons why adoption of data-driven working falls behind in digital teams, to provide you with a structured approach to enable your organization to become data-driven and steer on more valuable insights. Let’s talk about creating a place in which data is part of everyone’s day-to-day business to drive bigger results faster.

Your key take-aways

A structured approach and methods to enable digital teams to become more data-driven: 

  • Why company-wide adoption of a data-driven way of working falls behind; 
  • How investing in the skills and knowledge of your people can increase the ROI of digital data on the short term; 
  • What is needed to have your digital organization adopt a data-driven way and become results focused. 

Available on demand

The talk by Janus de Visser, Operational Director and Thomas de Ruiter, Managing Consultant, is now available on demand



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