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Data is key in today's ever evolving world - amid ongoing innovation, automation and digitalization. We have to be able to rely fully on our data in order to fathom the world around us and chart our course.

We're Cloud Nine Digital and we want to help you get to grips with the world of data. And while we're at it, help you raise your game with valuable insights, solid structures and streamlined processes. Data isn't a one off project or a proof of concept - it's a prerequisite that helps organizations grow and improve.

Data never stops. Facts and only facts are what we extract, and we've got the best people on board to do just that. Dedicated experts who grasp how data can transform your organization and how they can put data to work for you.


Cloud Nine Digital was born out of Netprofiler - a company founded by Frans Appels in his attic in Amstelveen in 2003. Google Analytics launched soon thereafter and - as a free tool - had an enormous impact on the world of data analytics. Netprofiler was one of the first companies to familiarize itself fully with this tool, which led to it being accredited as a Google Analytics Partner in 2007.
Since then, Netprofiler has grown to become a leading agency in the Dutch marketplace in the fields of analytics and across all online marketing channels. Then came the moment for Netprofiler to spin off its data and analytics activities under a new label - Cloud Nine Digital.
Building a solid basis for reliable and usable data is an art form in its own right - a discipline that demands specialist knowledge - knowledge and experience we've been acquiring for over fifteen years.

Level Up Group

In early 2017, Netprofiler merged with ClickValue, bringing together over 100 digital marketing specialists under the umbrella of the LevelUp Group. ClickValue takes on all conversion optimization and usability activities, while Netprofiler looks after all online marketing activities.
Cloud Nine Digital is a spin off from Netprofiler that focuses on everything to do with data and analytics.

Our team

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to solve your data analytics challenges!

Anna Meijer


Anne de Haas


Frank ten Kate


Frans Appels

Managing Partner

Guy Rippe

Senior Consultant

Janus de Visser

Managing Consultant

Judith Ram

Client Service Manager

Marije Grandia


Max Diender

Junior Consultant

Steven van de Lisdonk


Thomas de Ruiter

Managing Consultant

Valenard Gerards


David Beentjes

Managing Partner

Daniël Markus

Managing Partner

Gideon Wories

IT Administrator

Vincent van Houten

IT Administrator

Grace de Bruyne


Lotte Derks

Head of Finance & Control

Norma Jiwanpersad


Moran Romijn


Vera Noorlander


Sander Tigelaar

Managing Consultant - Technology & Development

Joshua Onwezen

Consultant - Technology & Development

Kevin van der Sluis

Senior Consultant - Technology & Development

Richard Bieringa

Consultant - Technology & Development

Nienke Duetz

Junior Consultant - Technology & Development

Ward Pennink

Junior Consultant - Technology & Development

Gabriël Montero Ramirez

IT Administrator

Pieter Zandijk


Taina Bagmeijer

Chief of Staff

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