Cloud Nine Digital becomes Google Cloud Partner, Fortifying its Data Analytics & Activation Services

Thomas de Ruiter

Director Solution Design

14 September 2023

2 minute reading time

Data and Analytics agency, Cloud Nine Digital, enriches its services with its official Google Cloud Sales Partnership. In conjunction with its Google Analytics 360 partnership, the Amsterdam-based agency offers comprehensive Data Analytics and Marketing Activation services. Cloud Nine Digital combines its Google connection with its team’s data expertise to help customers structure their data into actionable insights. 

Cloud Nine Digital offers a combination of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform services. This enables the agency’s clients to apply Advanced Analytics using Google Analytics 4 data. For instance, this can involve building data pipelines for analytics hubs containing all digital data. These capabilities empower teams to develop advanced analyses, dashboards, and marketing activations and combine data sources used in machine learning applications.

“By combining Google Cloud and Google Analytics 360 with the expert know-how of our team, we can offer unparalleled data services to our customers searching for ways to make sense of their troves of valuable digital data” said Janus de Visser, Cloud Nine Digital Director.

The arrival of Google Analytics 4 unlocks the possibility to export data to Google Cloud’s BigQuery for all Google Analytics users. This feature has previously demonstrated its immense value for Google Analytics 360 clients and continues to do so for GA4 users

According to Google: “You can export all event data from Google Analytics properties to BigQuery for free with the BigQuery Export, which resides in Google Analytics (GA4). In BigQuery, you can import external data from other sources, like CRM data, and combine it with your Google Analytics data, using SQL-like syntax to query the data for advanced reporting beyond sampling and quota limits. This enables you to build audience segments, explore custom traffic attribution, and build simple ML models for reporting and audiences.”

By having a deep understanding of both the Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Nine Digital offers an accessible and hands-on approach that assists companies in leveraging the combined value of these platforms. Clients further benefit from this partnership by having access to direct support and transparent communication with seasoned experts from our customer-centric team and personalized services.

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