Cloud Nine Digital and Piano Partner to Further Expand Compliant Data Analytics Solutions for Businesses Across the Benelux Region

Thomas de Ruiter

Director Solution Design

29 April 2024

2 minute reading time

Cloud Nine Digital has partnered with Piano to expand access of Piano Analytics, a robust and compliant analytics solution, to more businesses across Benelux, expanding compliant alternatives to prevailing analytics tools.

The collaboration responds to the growing demand for comprehensive, compliant data analytics solutions under evolving regulations. By integrating Piano Analytics into Cloud Nine Digital’s suite of services, retailers, financial sectors, and other businesses gain access to a powerful tool that prioritizes data security, adhering to European privacy standards, including GDPR and ePrivacy.

“Our partnership with Piano underscores our dedication to providing businesses with top-tier, compliant analytics solutions,” says Director at Cloud Nine Digital, Thomas de Ruiter. “Our clients can now navigate the digital realm with greater confidence, knowing they are backed by a tool that respects and understands European privacy intricacies. This partnership represents a vision for the future of data analytics for businesses in Benelux.”

“We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Cloud Nine Digital, aimed at democratizing access to secure and compliant analytics solutions,” stated Bas Nawijn, Chief Revenue Officer at Piano. “Through this collaboration, businesses can harness the power of Piano Analytics, a solution tailored for the unique regulatory landscape of the Benelux region. Piano remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled value, innovation, and excellence to businesses worldwide, ensuring access to reliable and secure analytics.”

The partnership between Cloud Nine Digital and Piano marks a significant milestone for Benelux businesses, creating a future where data-driven insights and compliance work together to drive growth.

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