Elevating Data Governance: Cloud Nine Digital Teams Up With OneTrust

Peter Rood

Client Strategy Lead

19 December 2023

2 minutes reading time

In a significant step forward, Cloud Nine Digital is proud to announce its certification as a OneTrust service partner, heralding a new era in Data Management and Governance.

In today’s data-driven world, where privacy regulations are ever-expanding, this partnership with OneTrust, a leader in trust intelligence platforms, marks a pivotal advancement in data privacy and governance services.
OneTrust’s comprehensive compliance solutions, such as consent management, third-party risk management, and policy management, empower organizations to manage and safeguard their data responsibly.
This collaboration with OneTrust demonstrates Cloud Nine Digital’s unwavering commitment to delivering privacy-focused solutions, perfectly aligning with the evolving landscape of data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

A Vision for Privacy-First Services

Janus de Visser, Director at Cloud Nine Digital, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: “Becoming a certified partner with OneTrust is not just a milestone for us; it’s a leap forward in our quest to provide top-tier privacy-first services. OneTrust, as a leader in trust intelligence, enhances our capabilities, empowering us to champion data privacy and governance like never before.”
As a certified OneTrust partner, Cloud Nine Digital is now adept at integrating OneTrust’s tools into clients’ operations, offering tailored solutions that align with each client’s unique needs and objectives. This partnership further cements Cloud Nine Digital’s position as a forerunner in the realm of digital data infrastructure.

Client Success Story: Nationale Nederlanden International

The recent collaboration with Nationale Nederlanden International showcases Cloud Nine Digital’s expertise in action. Bendeguz Attila Nagy, Digital CoE Lead at Nationale Nederlanden International, shares his experience: “Cloud Nine Digital’s assistance in helping NN Insurance select, procure, and implement OneTrust as its web cookie consent management tool exceeded all expectations. Their expertise in all aspects of consent management is truly impressive, making our collaboration a seamless and successful experience. We highly recommend Cloud Nine Digital for their exceptional services”.

Discover the OneTrust Advantage with Cloud Nine Digital

Interested in learning more about our partnership with OneTrust and how Cloud Nine Digital can support your Data Governance needs? Reach out to Peter Rood at peter@cloudninedigital.nl for more information.

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