New York Pizza Case Study, Building a Google Cloud Analytics Hub

4 January 2024

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Explore how New York Pizza leveraged the power of Google BigQuery to elevate their marketing game. Dive into the details of overcoming challenges in customer communication, consent management, and backend data complexities. Discover how Cloud Nine Digital’s collaboration with New York Pizza and Turntwo brought transformative change, providing actionable insights for local store management and enhancing personalized customer interactions. Uncover the secrets of creating a robust data analytics hub, positioning New York Pizza for success. If you’re navigating similar data challenges, this blog is your guide to turning complexities into opportunities.

About the Client

Founded in 1993, New York Pizza has been a trendsetter in the Netherlands, setting high standards not just in the realm of delicious pizzas, pasta, and surprising side dishes, but also in customer service, promotions, and atmosphere.

Known for its commitment to good taste in every aspect, the company has expanded its reach to Germany as well. With a keen focus on delivering an exceptional omnichannel experience, New York Pizza has seamlessly integrated its in-store and online platforms, aiming to revolutionize the way customers interact with the brand.

The Challenge at a Glance

Central Marketing: Enhancing personalized customer interactions.
Local Store Management: Providing actionable insights for store optimization.

Data Challenges Detailed

When New York Pizza decided to optimize both its central and local marketing strategies, we stepped in to help navigate the complexities. The company faced several challenges:

  • Autonomous Local Store Management: With a large degree of autonomy of local stores, providing separate store managers with their own insights was important to set store owners up for success.
  • Relevance in Customer Communication: New York Pizza aimed to make customer communications as relevant as possible, requiring a sophisticated data analytics approach.
  • Customer Consent: The company wanted to respect customer consent in the most optimal way, necessitating near-real-time updates for any changes in consent.
  • Customer Anonymisation: Further investing in a compliant and relevant customer facing solution, New York Pizza needed a robust implementation that not only considered adding customers to their CDP, but also made sure that deleted and inactive customers were timely anonymized and removed from the system to meet their policies.
  • Real-Time Marketing Use Cases: For some of the marketing automation use cases, there was a need for a real-time integration with backend systems, in order to act directly upon user actions, such as orders, delivery progress or account signups.
  • Complex Backend Data Structures: Built for operational success, the backend system proved to be a complex source of data, not directly usable for analytical purposes. Creating a proper understanding of the caveats of the backend data sources turned into a significant portion of the project.
  • Single System Integration: There was a need to integrate various data sources into a single system for a unified view.

To tackle these challenges, they had recently acquired a new Customer Data Platform (CDP), Bloomreach, but integrating it with existing data was a significant hurdle. For local store management, the need was clear: store owners required actionable insights to understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. These insights needed to be easily digestible and understandable for those using them every day to make decisions at a local level.

The Solution at a Glance

To tackle these challenges, Google BigQuery was ultimately recommended as the ideal data warehouse solution. This cloud-based platform offered the scalability and high-performance query handling that New York Pizza needed for both current and future use cases.

Solution Detailed

In collaboration with Turntwo, we implemented Google BigQuery to create a central marketing data warehouse that serves as the foundation for local store management reporting, general marketing reporting, and data activation towards the CDP of New York Pizza.

As an official Google Cloud Partner, we at Cloud Nine Digital are in a position to leverage our deep expertise and exclusive resources to ensure seamless and effective implementations.

Recognizing the need for scalability and high performance, we knew BigQuery would be the perfect fit. Being part of the Google Cloud Platform also offered additional functionalities like robust user management and built-in real-time data processing capabilities, which were crucial for the project’s success. With the addition of extensive AI capabilities readily available in the platform, New York Pizza is also well positioned for possible future innovations in their marketing landscape.

In the current form of integration, we’re using a multitude of systems within the Google Cloud Platform to ingest and process daily data and integrate first party data with the Bloomreach CDP system. Furthermore, we process the most crucial events in real-time directly from the backend system as they occur, and integrate the relevant information from these events directly into Bloomreach. Finally, customers that have had their account deleted or have been inactive for more than 2 years are being deleted automatically from the CDP customer base, to avoid intrusive and unwanted marketing communication, which complies and respects to the policies of New York Pizza.

In order to tackle the complexity in backend data structures, a high degree of both communication and documentation proved a key part in ending up at a reliable base of customer data. This, once again, showed that turning a complex data project into a success is not just about the complexity of the systems behind it. Equally important is the clear line of communication with both business and technical stakeholders, and making sure that there is a common understanding between the two parties.


Our collaboration with New York Pizza led to a transformative change in both central marketing and local store management. The new system not only improved reporting but also enabled more personalized customer interactions. Local store owners now had actionable insights at their fingertips, allowing them to optimize their performance effectively.

Value for Client

Thanks to the robust data analytics hub, New York Pizza is now well-equipped to meet any current and future data needs. The system serves as a strong foundation for both central and local stakeholders, enabling more effective marketing strategies and customer interactions.

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