Whitepaper: Google Analytics 4

Janus de Visser

Operational Director

2 October 2020

15 minutes reading time

Why, when and how to start

Google Analytics is about to change – drastically. After two decades, Google Analytics has reached the end of the line, and Google will soon be releasing its successor. This new version is already available as Google Analytics 4 (formerly known under the working title Google Web + App).

This update offers many new applications and reports to its end users. But to actually leverage these new features Google is changing a lot to its core solution – changes you will need to adopt, as the new version will fully replace the current platform (both free and premium) in due time.

A practical starting point for managers and (technical) web analysts

This whitepaper shares the opportunity and the need for organisations to start with Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible, for first value on the short term and a worriless transition over time:

  • What is Google Analytics 4, and why is it important for your organisation;
  • Why starting now adds the most value to your organisation, both on the short term and over time;
  • Who is to enable proper company-wide adoption in what way;
  • How to implement the platform for best possible results?

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