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Cloud Nine Digital's subject matter experts help you establish and maintain the prerequisites that allow you to focus on sustained, data‑driven growth. They do so by applying one or more of our data services – Collection, Processing, Reporting, and Governance.

Combining our services

Data Collection

Data reflects your customers' reality - we help you design and collect it effectively and efficiently. We implement and maintain data collection environments for our clients' highly demanding data operations.

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Data Processing

Data often resides in multiple locations and is hidden behind a multitude of user interfaces. We streamline this complexity by processing the data and connecting sources, ensuring that the right data reaches the right place, at the right time, and in the right format.

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Data Reporting

Data should work for your organization and give you the actionable insights you need to help improve your business decision making and data driven operations. We help you put actionable data and insights to work within your organization.

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Data Governance

Data flows throughout your organization, providing insights and serving as input to your automated systems. We help organizations establish sound data governance to remain compliant and keep development momentum.

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Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

We’re a Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Sales Partner. Certified for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and authorised reseller for GA 360 and GTM 360.

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Google Cloud Sales Partner

Cloud Nine Digital is a Google Cloud Sales Partner, certified to sell and service Google Cloud solutions. We have a highly specialized focus on analytics and marketing applications.

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Tealium Partner

As a Tealium Partner, we’re certified to use Tealium’s products. Tealium specialises in data management solutions that combine tag management and a centralised customer data platform.

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Funnel Partner

Cloud Nine Digital is proud to partner with Funnel. Funnel is a marketing data platform that helps you collect, clean, and map your marketing data. Our clients use Funnel to bring all their marketing and ad data together.

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