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For the past fifteen years, Cloud Nine Digital has been helping its clients collect online data, extract valuable insights and make these available where needed most. From within the rapidly evolving digital data industry, we've successfully developed and adopted best practices for implementing and maintaining data collection environments for our clients' highly demanding data operations. Cloud Nine Digital empowers your datadriven growth by helping you overcome your data design and collection challenges. Our service includes:

Requirements & KPIs

Your data is a reflection of your entire organization. It mirrors your company's proposition, its digital channels and touchpoints, each of which generates a plethora of data points, metrics and dimensions. We help structure and align your organization's requirements and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data layer – support

It's vital to adopt best practices when designing and implementing a data layer for custom, or even offtheshelf, analytics. We provide handson support and practical advice for modifying your data layer – guaranteeing reliable data collection in the process.

Data analytics – configuration

Step 1, when implementing analytics, is to establish a welldesigned data layer. Step 2 is the analytics solution itself – the part that handles the data generated. We provide handson support and practical advice for configuring your data analytics systems.

Data collection – enablement

Our goal is to boost your organization's selfsufficiency when it comes to data collection. We do so by using a Solution Design Reference (SDR) – compatible with agile development methods – and including your specific addons in the analytics mix. This enables your development teams to incorporate data collections as part of their development sprints.

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