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Cloud Nine Digital is proud to partner with Funnel. Funnel is a marketing data platform that helps you collect, clean, and map your marketing data. Our clients use Funnel to bring all their marketing and ad data together. Also, clients get real-time reporting with Funnel, allowing them to optimize their marketing. Funnel has experts in data-driven growth and marketing reporting. Together, we help you build a reporting stack that gives you actionable insights.

Get marketing data insights quickly and securely

Funnel is a marketing data platform that enables you to grow your business. With Funnel you can connect to hundreds of data sources and transform this data into any business-ready format. You can then feed this data to any tool or dashboard solution; Google Data Studio, Sheets, Tableau, and more. Funnel removes data silos and manual work updating spreadsheets from your day-to-day And it automates your data processing in real-time.

Customers love Funnel

Since 2014, Funnel's mission has been to help marketers become more data-driven. Our 200 employees in Stockholm, Sweden, and Boston, USA, serve over 1000 companies worldwide. Digital leaders like Home Depot, Havas Media, Samsung, and others, rely on Funnel. Read more at

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The world of data & analytics has been rocked by the Austrian Data Protection Authority declaring that the use of Google Analytics violates the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A difficult subject with lots of history. With this article we will try to shine some light on the situation and the potential impact.

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