Data – manage & govern

Data flows throughout your organization, providing insights and serving as input to your automated systems. Managing this data is a challenge. It falls into several domains of expertise, as well as requiring welldefined and integrated governance policies. We have data architects and management consultants who specialize in helping organizations manage and govern their data operations. Cloud Nine Digital empowers your datadriven growth by helping you overcome your data management and governance challenges. Our service includes:


Both legislation and public opinion demand correct and controlled use of personal data. Organizations need to know what data they're processing and ensure that this complies with all regulations. We provide handson support and practical advice for your data compliance needs.

Data architecture

Your data architecture strongly influences the quality, cost and availability of your data. We provide handson support and practical advice for building and maintaining a data architecture that will support your needs well into the future.

Compliance scan

Our compliance scan analyses your organization's current and legacy dataprocessing solutions and systems. We then generate a compliance report that provides relevant insights and identifies any remedial action or improvements needed to comply with current legislation.

Digital data rule book

Digital data operations have to evolve constantly to keep up with frontend developments. Before you know it, even the bestdesigned systems can turn into a jungle of legacy systems, modifications and patches – all of which simply increase your maintenance burden and slow down development time. We help you prevent this from happening by drafting a Digital Data Rule Book. This clearly defines all roles, responsibilities, best practices, naming conventions and standards so that your developers and analysts are on the same page when it comes to workflows and processes.

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