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Data often resides in numerous locations – databases, servers, workstations – hidden behind a multitude of user interfaces. It's often a huge challenge for organizations to extract, manipulate, enrich and aggregate data, let alone find the insights they're looking for. We have inhouse experts who specialize in processing this data. Cloud Nine Digital empowers your datadriven growth by helping you overcome your data processing and delivery challenges. Our service includes:

Tag management – support

Cloud Nine Digital uses a tag management solution for processing and delivering its data. We provide handson support and practical advice for implementing tag management as a primary source of data collection. We have certified consultants specialized in all bestofbreed tag management solutions.

Data connectors – configuration

Data often resides in numerous silos spread throughout your organization. This prevents you from accessing insights and automating processes as fully as you could – without connecting to additional dataprocessing solutions, that is. We provide handson support and practical advice for breaking down these silos and building and maintaining the data connectors you need.

Primary data – manipulation

Organizations often need to extract more information from their data than their analytics solution's user interface actually offers. We provide handson support and practical advice for manipulating your primary data to meet your exact requirements.

Subject identification – support

When analysing omnichannel customer journeys, it's vital that you can reliably identify each of your customers. Many organizations use a combination of systems and variables to achieve this. We provide handson support and practical advice for creating accurate profiles and successfully identifying individual subjects.

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