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As a Tealium Partner, we’re certified to use Tealium’s products. Tealium specialises in data management solutions that combine tag management with its centralised customer data platform – AudienceStream. Our consultants can help you implement AudienceStream. However, more specifically as tagging specialists, we can help you manage and scale Tealium iQ and create your AudienceStream use cases. Drop us a line to find out which tag management system or customer data platform would work best with your website. We’ll help you make the right selection!

Tealium AudienceStream

Tealium’s customer data platform – AudienceStream – allows you to create and build unique customer profiles, using data from various web, app and offline sources and touchpoints. By creating relevant use cases and integrating AudienceStream with your other marketing technology products, you’ll then be able to provide your customers with a more relevant and personalised experience – be it web, app, email or other online marketing channel. Our experts can help you implement AudienceStream, create its use cases and integrate it across all your marketing channels. Tealium AudienceStream offers numerous benefits such as a unique 360° view of known and unknown visitors, real-time data and automated mailings / banner displays (onsite & offsite), vendor-neutral (over 1.000 integrations inc. Salesforce and Google).

Tealium iQ

Tealium’s tag management system – Tealium iQ – gives organisations greater control and improved management of their customer data, yet does much more than merely publish tags on your website. Besides the usual tag management system benefits (speed, reliability, control), Tealium iQ also excels in other areas such as data privacy & consent management, vendor-neutral integration with leading analytics and A/B testing tools, Tag Marketplace with tag templates for over 3,000 vendors (minimal scripting). Drop us a line to find out more about Tealium’s products or our approach to building customer data platforms.

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A lot has happened since our last update on this topic in January. After the Austrian Data Protection Authority declared that the use of Google Analytics violates the European General Data Protection Regulation others have followed with France, Italy, and Denmark releasing similar rulings. At the same time, we’ve all been looking closely at the political stage for answers and clarity about a viable data transfer agreement between the EU and US. And recently Politico released an article that the US is about to release an important executive order for a new data transfer agreement. So due time for an update.

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